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Thread: ALT 1 P for repair on Ebay - BE WARNED!

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    ALT 1 P for repair on Ebay - BE WARNED!

    I came across something cool on ebay the other day, a Alt1p blue for spares and repairs. It looked pretty promising so I bid for it for 250 but was quickly outbid, so before I committed to the bidding war I thought I would do my due diligence and contacted Bremont with some pics.

    Bremont got back to me super quick and informed me that the watch had already come back to them in that state a couple of years back and be sides the heavy cosmetic damage the movement was so heavily damaged it would literally be cheaper just to buy a new watch!

    So BE WARNED if your bidding on a damaged Blue dial Alt1p serial P/1060 your bidding on an a heavily scratched bracelet attached to a Bremont themed paper weight.

    View the watch here: Bremont ALT1-P
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    Ryan, thanks for posting this - it was brought to my attention the other day. I've added a link to the watch on your post - hope you don't mind.

    I'd be intrigued to find out how it got in to that condition, it would sure take some concerted effort. Some managed to 'Test it Beyond Endurance' it seems..!


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