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Thread: ALT1TUDE Special Edition - V2!

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    Well Its been 7 Days and there looks like a clear leader in the polls! What's next?

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    ALT1TUDE Special Edition - V2!

    Right, hello everyone!

    Sorry for not being in communication too much whilst the poll has being run. The results are in - these are cumulative across all the Alt1tude Social Media channels:

    1. S301: 46
    2. U-2: 16
    3. Solo: 10

    As was anticipated from the early lead that it gained on the poll, the Alt1tude Forum SE V2 will be based on the S301!

    So, now we know that it'll be the S301, I'm sure that you're all wondering where do we go from here?

    Over the past few weeks, Jeremy and I have been working on some designs that we think are going to capture the wide attention of those who voted and ultimately lead to a very successful and desirable end product.

    Following some discussions with HQ on what is (and isn't!) viable, we have come up with a design that we think most will like. It is currently being checked by the team at Bremont to confirm and tweak the design details.

    What we can tell you is this: unfortunately we have learnt that DLC is not an option on the S301, so moving forward the designs will be offered with steel cases only. For now, that's all we can say!

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    Canít wait to see it

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    I'm looking forward to seeing it as well. I really like the design of the S301.

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