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Thread: No box, No papers

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    No box, No papers

    How much is the value reduced on a limited edition Bremont without original box and papers.
    It has been authenticated.

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    Which limited edition, Texascrude?

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    P51 Edition. Jeweler I know has it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texascrude View Post
    P51 Edition. Jeweler I know has it.
    Texascrude, this is a tricky - and an almost impossible - question.

    Rather than giving a value per se, what is the jeweller asking? I'd be willing to bet that a box and papers is only worth in the region of £500 (if that), based on my experience with other brands, although these haven't been LE pieces.

    In my opinion, one of the greatest things about Bremont (not just the LE's, but every watch), is the quality and finish of the packaging. It really is exemplary and adds a lot to the overall experience of buying one.


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    Could Bremont not supply both items on proof of purchase and after any required authenticity checks ?

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    Never understand how fairly recent watches dont come with box n papers. It's not that people arent awarr that they hold some value (£500 for a full set).

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    There’s a Victory presentation box fs on the bayvat the moment £280

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