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    New member saying hi

    Hi guys,

    I've been registered for a few years and often enjoy visiting the forum, never got around to saying hello. I'm a huge Bremont fan and have owned the ALT1-P(blue) now sadly gone as I couldn't get on with the difficult crown when it came to setting it and my teeth couldn't take any more...Something I'm looking forward to using in any future purchases now the design issue has been tweaked.

    I've had an interest and passion for watches since my mid-20's (12 years now) and as most of us churned through a good number over the years. I'm usually found on the TZUK forum but wanted to contribute here also. Collection-wise now, I have a small gang of three watches that get a regular wear. I have a Rolex Explorer 2 (Polar), an Omega Planet Ocean (gen 1) and my beater, a Fortis B-42 Cosmonaunt. A new Bremont will be my next purchase but I'm not sure which one that will be! I'm a huge fan of the gen 2 ALT1-P, most of the solo range and the U2 range. In fact there's not many I don't like!

    Look forward to learning more about the brand and its watches! Thanks,

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    Welcome aboard, Jon! Sorry to hear you moved the blue one. I hope you’ll find something else from Bremont that works!

    What was your crown issue?

    My Alt1 says hi!

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    Hi, and thanks for greeting - thought it was. Bit quiet round here!

    Great photo! Idyllic conditions for you there, what better watch to accompany you.

    Re the crown issue, I could never pull it out to set the watch! I've read many users having the same problem. I understand the issue has been rectified for the gen 2 versions and I've seen a small notch out of the casings on the new MB11 and 111 when trying them on directly under the crown to put a fingernail in to pull it out.

    Looking forward to seeing how the forum watch works out as a potential next purchase.


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