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Thread: Quick Question...

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    Quick Question...

    Will the owners of Bremont be making an appearance/be monitoring this place or will it just be the admins/mods controlling us?


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    Fish, hopefully Nick & Giles English will make an appearance from time to time!!!
    this space is strictly controlled by myself and Piers, as admins and owners! can say what you like, provided you don't swear (or add rude pics)!!!

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    Statler and Waldorf are the reins.


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    Along that line.....

    Would be cool to see a forum edition watch as they've already done before

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    I suspect that Bremont may come onto the site to have a look at things now and again, but bear in mind this isn't the 'official' forum - very much like our other forum it's independent of the brand...however we can pester them for photos of new watches etc which is always handy!

    A 'forum' edition watch is unlikely I think. Bremont are very keen to push their own Ltd Editions and again I think any Ltd Edition watch would be through the official forum... but hey you never know if this forum is successful... who knows what might happen....?!

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