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Thread: ALT1TUDE Special Edition - V2!

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    When I bought my Alt1tude LE I had the intention of adding an Alt1-C in cream at a later date, that never happened and my interest in watches morphed into one of visiting battlefields in far off places, the Italian campaign in WW2 this year, Vietnam next and Stalingrad in 2020.
    As for the present initiative I think it is well worth following up on Sunday if you get the chance Jake. Time will tell if there is sufficient interest in the project but its good that people at at least thinking about it. I agree that Felix and the Alt1tude logo should be central to the design but where I disagree with Baggie68 is that the watch should be sufficiently different from the U2/MB range that was the inspiration previously. Cost will clearly be a factor but I too will be interested to see what ideas others come up with.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RedsBluesGreens View Post
    Steve - good ideas, standby for more!

    James - I thought that would clash too much with (and essentially be the same as!) the original? (Picture below if you’re unaware!)

    It was designed in 2013 as a collaboration with the forum, and I figured that 5 years later is maybe a good time to think about another.


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    oops, yes you are right...

    Maybe keep it simple and do a DLC Solo?
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    Here are my ideas, an S500, a Solo, A Solo gmt (we can dream) and an alt 1c. I've gone batons on all as I think this could be the signature style for all future ALT1TUDE watches ( also I tried numbers and when put with the felix logo it starts to look a little "Micky Mouse".

    If I had to pick one I would say lets do a solo. The solo is among Bremonts purest watches, its nice and clean, easy to read and its among there most affordable watches. If we produce a watch that most members can chalk up to a "fun" purchase then I think it its more likely to be enjoyed by more of us. I also think the casual and clean solo suits the felix logo better than the others. We can really have some fun with this one and not feel to guilty about the purchase. PLUS theres hardly any unique solos out there! A DLC solo would be king!

    The S500 is pretty darn cool and good be made in titanium which I know everyone could get behind! A nice ceramic bezel like the latest s500 would go nice with a drak grey/black sunburst dial and signature yellow second hand.

    Anyway those are my thoughts. let me know what you think and if anyone has any ideas I can render something up.


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    Hi Ryan,

    Great renderings, I particularly like the steel S500��



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    I have to say - excellent work from Ryan!!

    They all look good, personally I'm not a fan of DLC watches, but I know a lot are, so, like the previous one, the final design could be offered in both SS and DLC finishes.

    In all the renders, would we prefer the Alt1tude logo to be white or yellow?

    The S500 - maybe have an all red seconds hand (like on the Oracle 2), or an all white seconds hand (like on the Solo) and leave the yellow for just the GMT hand and the hours numerals on the inner chapter ring. I only suggest this to keep the functions colour coded.

    The Solo, if we can get away with a GMT version, that would be awesome, but again, keep the GMT hand and hours yellow and change the seconds hand to all red or to all white.
    Keep the date wheel black with white numerals, I don't think we need toooo much yellow.
    And I think on the Solo designs, it does look more balanced with the Felix logo @ 6 rather than @ 12. I think @ 12 the dial looks too top heavy with the Felix and the 12 marker triangle.

    With the C, I don't know why, but I don't think the yellow on there works quite so well and overall cheapens it a bit??! So maybe keep the yellow to a minimum on there and just put in on the seconds hand in the 9 o'clock subdial.

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    How about we lume up felix and have the 12, 3, 6 and 9 markers be a contrasting lume colour.

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    or... we could emboss felix on the face of the watch like my Special projects MB3. Its subtle but when the light hits it... Boom!

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    Ryan - these are awesome!

    I agree with ChipButty regarding the second hands being red and having the GMT hand be yellow. Also, not a huge fan of blacked out DLC everything.

    I really do not have much to add as Ryan did a fantastic job. But here us my concept:

    - Building off of Ryan's concept. Changed up the hands, as suggested by chipbutty
    - Kevlar strap with yellow stiching (include Temple Island for real diving )
    - yellow ceramic (?) ring around crown

    ...and I love blue lume:

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    Ah, too late. Ryan beat me to the lumeshot. Great job!

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    Some very skilled photoshop users on this forum. Interesting that we all seem to have different ideas about which looks the best though. My personal favourite is Ryans 'C' with the small yellow hands with either the steel or DLC finish. I do also like awildermode's rendering of the S500 just above.

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