In the beginning days of the AL1TUDE FOURM, when Bremont was a new and fast growing company, we all used to dream of Watches we wanted to see Bremont make! I remember this fourm literally came up with the idea of the MB111, which was conceived here as a GMT version of their most popular watch! Bremont has always been very receptive to ideas from their customers and are always listening to our wants and needs! Give them what they want sells more watches! So I am going to start with saying I want a Motorsport inspired watch along the lines of an Omega Seedmaster or Rolex Daytona! Bremont has covered almost every other speed oriented endeavor but not a watch with a speed calculating Bezel! The ALT1-C with a speed bezel would look awesome, just thinking! So guys letís come up with some ideas and throw them around, maybe due some photoshop, and not sit back and wait for the next LE that Bremont makes! Who knows we might actual design the next variation to Bremontís model line! If members have a different passion other than Motorsports chime in and share your ideas! One of the greatest benefits of being a Bremont fan is the passion we share for these Watches , so letís get inspired and design some cool ideas that we would like to see down the road instead of sitting back and waiting! Cheers Jim