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Thread: I wish they would make

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    The face of the Airco always strikes me as being small, I personally like the size of the Alt1 but I wonder how much thinner it could be made if there was no rotor to house. Could be thinner still if there were a stainless instead of an exhibition back? And at 12mm thick the Airco is no dry cracker eating supermodel!

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    I appreciate this response is a little late but I saw a guy wearing a 70ís Monaco yesterday whilst taking my kids around a zoo strangely enough. It was the model with the champion spark plugs motif of the dial and looked the business. Those 70ís style of watches are becoming quite popular of late and I have always wanted a Monaco but they donít fit my wrist. A few years back I ended up buying a Hamilton pan Europ, it looked fantastic and fitted really well, unfortunately the build quality was shocking and after returning it 4 times in as many months it was finally sold. Something along those lines from bremont would definitely have my interest.

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