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Thread: Bremont Waterman LE

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    Bremont Waterman LE

    As Nick and Giles work their way across the West Coast of the USA on the second leg of their “English Tour”, they planned for a special stop in Los Angeles at Feldmar Jewelers to debut a special Limited Edition watch. The piece is called the Waterman, and is a project designed with Bremont Ambassador Mark Healey, a world renowned free diver, surfer, and ocean environmentalist. Mark was on hand in LA to help debut the watch with Nick and Giles on June 7th.

    The watch itself is based off the steel 43mm Supermarine 500 chassis, with a familiar sapphire dive bezel to what you’d find on the now retired S500/BL. The only significant difference I see in the bezel is a sporty red outlined triangle indicator at 12H.

    An initial inspection of the dial reveals a GMT complication, with a coinciding omission of the Day window. The Terra Nova and Endurance watches have also featured a GMT complication, but those watches are more geared towards an adventure/tool design than this thoroughbred dive watch. The traditional Supermarine handset is used, with a nice lollipop lumed seconds hand.

    I feel that the red, white and blue color scheme works exceptionally well on the Waterman. As with some other “white” dialed Bremont watches, there appears to be a subtle silver tone to the dial, but I cannot confirm that at his time without seeing it in person.

    The center portion of the dial is elevated and features a distinct crosshatch textured pattern. Blue applied and Super-Luminova filled indices decorate the dial, accompanied by white linear markers at 6, 9, and 12H, and of course a Date window at 3H.

    Bremont are shipping the watch on a blue Temple Island rubber strap, with an additional custom blue Kevlar strap with matching red stitching. In my opinion, the Kevlar strap really makes a striking impression on this watch!

    Of course, there will be a bracelet option for those who prefer a bracelet. Looks sharp!

    There is an open display case back on the Waterman, similar to what was done on the new Bremont Endurance. Despite switching from a solid case back, the watch remains capable up 500 meters/50 ATM, and still features a Helium Escape Valve.

    If you find yourself feeling that you prefer the initial (and now retired) form factor of the S500 series over the revised models we saw debuted at the 2018 Townhouse, you’ll probably really like this watch. In beautifully merges the former S500 Blue and Silver models into an entirely new Limited Edition piece, with a highly desirable GMT complication.

    There will be 300 or these made, and they are being sold at US $5,995/ £4,395. Proceeds from the sale of each watch will support the Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii charity, aimed at protecting oceans and ocean wildlife by coordinating grass roots coastline clean ups, recycling awareness, and waste diversion.

    What are your thoughts on the new Waterman?
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    Bremont Waterman LE

    I really, really, like this watch - Bremont have knocked it out of the park.

    My only reservation is how white the dial will be. Ideally (for me) I would like a more silver or cream looking white, as I find a ‘solid’ white can get a bit bright sometimes.

    I’m also glad that they could fit in the exhibition back and still retain the ‘core’ S500 DNA - the toughness of the watch has always been a big pull for me, especially on the bracelet. Talking of which, it looks like the end-link and case matching issue has almost been resolved: they certainly look a lot more ‘equal’ colour-wise in the press shots.

    Overall, though, I think that this is one of the best colour schemes on a Bremont yet, and I would quite like to see more watches adopt this scheme! I think an MBII would look great in the same colour way.

    Anyway, enough rambling. This is my favourite of the Waterman:

    I’d be interested to know the collective thoughts of the forum: Bremont have done a few LE/SE dive watches now - does this stand out from the crowd?


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    I love that strap, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by awildermode View Post
    I love that strap, too!

    Sorry to say, the stitching in your photo looks fairly poor. Hope it isn't a OEM strap.

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    I have never been a one for white-faced watches but I do like this from Bremont, not entirely sure why.

    Is the face a slightly 'off' white colour as it looks different to the bezel.

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    Saw this for the first time this weekend and unfortunately it's the first Bremont LE that I haven't been overly impressed with. It just seemed very ordinary. Suppose I can't like them all!

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