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We all know about the virtues of the Navitimer and I think it's a classic that anyone would be proud to own.
Not me I'm afraid, I don't like the Navitimer at all and never have. The face is far too fussy and I think it looks quite 'cheap'. I must confess to not being much of a Breitling fan. I'm slowly coming around to some of their models. the Superocean is a very nice watch and one of few that would tempt me away from buying a Bremont. The other is the Breitling Premier collection but not as much as the Superocean. I tried on a Bentley watch after seeing it advertised but the polished finish on a bracelet just didn't suit the watch in my opinion.

With Bremont on the other hand, I've not come across a model that I didn't like. Take a step up the price ladder towards Bremonts more expensive offerings and I think Bremont leaves other brands in their wake. Watches like the DH-88, the Supersonic, 1918 etc look far superior to anything else I've seen.

At the risk of being outnumbered in this thread, I'm really not keen on the Emergency and wouldn't choose to own one. That's what so good about the watch industry though, so much choice and usually something for most buyers.