I visited my sister in Bermuda last year for the America's cup and got interested in Bremont watches as a friend had a AC regatta watch. Travelling back to New Zealand I realised there was no way to view the range here....

I had read there would be a boutique store set up in Australia with LMDM but have not heard any more news recently.

I am keen to narrow down my choice before travelling back to Bermuda (Astwood Dickinson) maybe next year but we seem to be a a "poor cousin" in this corner of the world with no Bremont representation (despite the "Warbirds" reference in the recent newsletter)

My current favourites are MBII-WH/BL , Solo SOLO/WH-SI or the very attractive ALT1-C/WH-BK - at least from what I can see online

Unfortunately had not really started my interest until we got home and it was too late to look.....is there anywhere these can be viewed in NZ?