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Thread: Solo vs MBII vs Boeing 1

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    Solo vs MBII vs Boeing 1


    As a new owner of the three watches in the title and now having worn them for several months I thought I would commit a few words regarding each model. I was initially drawn to Bremont after a good friend bought himself a Solo, I have had a few watches in my collection but over the years have grown tired of poor build quality and attention to detail from some of the ( so called) established brands. This culminated in the sale of the whole collection early last year, so I was left with some money to spend(before the wife did)
    My first purchase was a military solo, which was worn daily for around 5 months. In this time it kept great time, was comfortable on the wrist but...I have struggled to find a strap/bracelet which not only looks good(imho) but equally wears well. The bracelet lugs have become very loose at the watch end, which really detracted from the watch itself, it looked poorly fitted. I switched to leather, I found this incredibly uncomfortable and prone to salt marking, so I switched to a Velcro nato....this was terrible and kept catching on my shirt cuff, so it went back onto the bracelet. Unfortunately the bracelet is now in pieces due to a bike accident and the watch is back with Bremont for repairs.
    Some months later I purchased a Boeing 1 in white. The engineering in this watch is simply fantastic, It is on a par or in excess of some of my previous watches, some cost three times the price of the Boeing. It is comfortable, keeps excellent time and looks amazing. I have it on a standard Nato ( not Velcro) as when combined with a bracelet I found it slightly to heavy on the wrist. It is larger and deeper than the solo, but I do not find this a problem as I have large wrists. Jan 18 I purchased a phantom MBII, black with orange case. Its Lighter than the Boeing and smaller, however looks fabulous. At the time of writing I cannot give an accurate account of the timekeeping as I have not worn it for long enough. I fully appreciate the engineering behind this model, but (to me) it does not feel on the same level as the Boeing. I cannot quite put my finger on what it is, but the Boeing just feels like it is a better product.....perhaps it is in my head? On the flip side, of the three I now own the phantom gets the most comments which as an ex toom liney (ground crew) puts a smile on my face.
    A final point is the fabulous customer service from Bremont, in particular the special projects team. Each and every time I have dealt with them they have surpassed my expectations, the most recent being the handling of the repairs to my solo.

    Not sure what to buy next, I am stuck between a Alti b or a Boeing BB100....or if my wife reads this post a weekend in Rome and a new kitchen.

    Apologies for the lack of photos, for some reason I cannot upload them?

    All the best
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