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Thread: is ONE today!

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    Feb 2011
    1,371 is ONE today!

    I'm proud to announce that as of today the site is officially ONE year old!

    A year ago today the site was officially made live and the task of populating it with content started...

    Over the past year, we've all seen a fantastic year for Bremont... From the P-51 and SOLOs to the Ronnie Wood clock and those stunning, yet quite secretive military models.

    To give you an idea of how many people have visited, here's some stats that have been pulled from Google Analytics for the year.

    Whilst the site is still quite young, and small - it is the only site in the world dedicated 100% to Bremont Watches (Okay maybe after and will remain that way!

    I want to thank everyone for visiting and contributing... Whether you view the site as a guest - or are an active member.... Many thanks!

    Here's to the next 12 months and beyond!.... and roll on Baselworld 2012!

    ALT1TUDE - 2011 to 2012 statistics
    These stats are based on Google Analytics and in some cases the figures have been rounded to the nearest 100 ( up and down!).

    During the last 12 months...

    - 13,100 unique people have visited the site 41,250 times!

    - Approx 8,900 of these people are repeat visitors to the site

    - of these 41,250 visits approx 10,000 were from a mobile device

    - On average most people spend 4 minutes per visit

    - We're visited by people in 130 countries worldwide. The top 2 visitors are from United Kindgom (18,200) and then USA (13,400)

    - 198,800 pages have been viewed in 12 months... That's a lot of Bremont!

    - 50% of all visitors us a Mac / Safari browser (wise choice!)

    - The most popular pages on the site have been about the Bremont Solo from Baselworld and the wrist shots of the P-51.

    - Most people come direct to the site, however we got 13,400 visits from google searches and 2,500 from Facebook

    - The most popular web searches linking people to the site have been:
    "Bremont solo" (700 searches)"
    "Bremont forum (500 times)"
    "Bremont apache (450 times)"
    "P51 mustang (270 times)"

    That's it for now!

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    Nantwch, UK
    Happy Birthday!! Great work!

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    Mar 2011
    I cant believe its been a year already, congrats on all the hard work so far and happy birthday.

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    Mar 2011
    Litchfield Park, Arizona, United States
    Congrats on one year! This is one of my favorite watch sites! Happy Birthday and I am looking forward to all the future discussion and friendships that develop over the next year! Cheers Jim :-)
    Breitling Navitimer, Omega PO, Rolex Datejust,Platinum Yacht Master ,Rado Sinatra, Bremont MB1,S500 Supermarine, Blue ALT1-P, 37 & 43 White Solos ,Bronze MBIII, White Boeing Model 1, F-16 Viper DLC Blue, and the Wright Flyer! Speake-Marin Wing Commander

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    Atlanta, GA
    Congrats on an amazing year, Piers! This is a wonderful site for Bremont enthusiasts, and you have been a wonderful host with your contests, exclusive content, and photography skills. Kudos on the new site design, as well! It looks great.
    Here's to another great year for the forum and Bremont watches!

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    Cheshire, UK
    Congrats on the anniversary, it's a brilliant site with some great features and discussions. I've also had some top advice to help me decide which Bremont to buy...a thank you. Keep up the excellent work and I'm liking the design tweaks on the site. Cheers.

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    Happy Birthday !!! thank you for a great
    website !

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    Thats great. Happy Birthday.


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    Feb 2011
    Happy birthday to the best Bremont site!

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    Thanks for the replies chaps!

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