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Thread: About their recent survey

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    About their recent survey

    I don‘t any longer feel worthy to wear a Bremont

    They asked for my position in the company I work for and, what a shame, I am a simple employee presuming the right to wear a Bremont.

    How wrong I was. The options for that question were like „Owner, Partner, Manager“ etc. I chose some answer still above my weight class and now I hope they won‘t find out and pry their Bremont from my wrist

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    Eek! Do they have a box for ‘student’? 🧐

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    The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it. :smokin::twit::smokin:

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    Haha - so it's not just me who might not be completely honest with these sorts of surveys?! I always prefer to think of it as the job/salary you want rather than the one you've got. And as for my age...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shedlock2000 View Post
    Eek! Do they have a box for ‘student’?
    You must be joking!

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    God like creature and Master of all he surveys ? Perhaps too big for the form

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    I filled out the form and submitted my email address, which kept getting rejected (I use my own domain), so gave up.

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