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Thread: Townhouse 2018 Releases

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    Townhouse 2018 Releases

    The moment we have been waiting for has arrived, and it is time to get a look at the new 2018 Bremont Townhouse releases!

    After seeing the launch of the S300 and AIRCO models in 2017, this year we are seeing a lot of expansion of existing ranges.

    First up, the ALT1-C has gotten a refresh that blends many of the aesthetics from the polished ALT1-C models with the brushed models. Seeing as though the existing ALT1-C (non-polished versions) has been available for 10 years, it was certainly due for a facelift. The English brothers have gone for a more elegant and refined look, while keeping the overall aesthetic on point. The case remains 43mm and brushed, however the rear case has been opened up with a larger crystal to show off the decorated 7750-based movement.

    There are two color offerings: ALT1-C/WH-BK, and ALT1-C/BL.

    The new model features a simplified dial, that substitutes the arabic numerals with applied and filled markers. The handset carries over from the ALT1-C/Polished models and gives a slightly more "established" look than the previous hands.

    Another subtle detail is that there appears to be a new crown with a tapered edge for an easier "pull" from the case. This should be a big help for those of us with short fingernails!

    US Dollars Price is $6,495 for both colors. The WH-BK model will come standard with a Vintage brown strap, while the BL model will have a new blue nubuck leather strap.

    Next up, the S500 line has also received an elegant face lift!

    The exciting new model here is the S501, which is a 43mm dive watch that borrows the vintage aesthetic from the popular 2017 model, the S301. Very well executed from my first impression!

    A few new features:
    -The center dial features a knurled area a-la the MB2 barrel!
    -The bezel is now ceramic, with white and patina luminescent markings.
    -The crown features a copper ring, similar to the crown on the S301.
    -An exhibition case back is featured for the first time on a Supermarine model.
    -Comes standard on Two-Stitch Vintage leather strap rather than rubber.
    -Date function only. Day window left off of this particular model.
    -FINALLY, a red pip on the second hand!

    I predict that this particular model will do very well!

    We also get a new S500/BK and S500/BL, which interestingly, have a few differences between them.

    The Blue model drops the vertical lined feature of the center dial for a radiant blue finish. The dial also features arabic numerals at 12, 6, and 9 and rectangular applied markers the rest of the day around. Blue also keeps a sapphire bezel and both the day and date window. Gone is the luminescent area from the 0-20 minute portion of the rotating bezel.

    The Black model, has a flat black dial, applied circular markers (no arabic numerals), red accents, a ceramic bezel, and a date window only (no day).

    Both the blue and black models keep a closed case back, and standard integrated rubber strap.

    Price the the S500 BL and BK is $4,495, where as the S501 will run you $4,775.

    Next up, the the U2/51-JET

    You may remember a teaser from a few weeks back that turned out to be the new "jet black" MBII barrel for the Bremont Military customers to use. We now know, that this barrel will be used in the civilian U2/51.

    At first glance, this may look familiar, as the watch borrows many of the design cues from the 2016 U2 Timeless watch, available on limited run of 100 pieces. The U2/51 offers essentially the same dial (except for the anti-shock logo at 6H), on a black DLC case, with a black barrel, and an exhibition case back featuring a smoked black crystal. Picking up on a theme here? This watch was definitely intended to be stealthy! Looks sharp with the blued hands.

    Reminds me a great deal of our ALT1TUDE SE watch!

    Price is $5,395.

    Next, the sophomore AIRCO range gets some new options. These 3-handed watches remain 40mm, and quite a bit thinner than their 43mm counterparts.

    Both the Mach 1 and Mach 2 get very smart looking white dial options, respectively.

    The Mach 3 is a new model with applied markers, RAF inspired blue color theme, and a brushed steel case.

    I'm very pleased to see some new 40mm options available!

    The AIRCO Mach 1/WH, Mach 2/WH, and Mach 3/BL all come in at $3,895.

    Finally, we have a limited run watch of 300 pieces called the Endurance. You may remember that Bremont and Ben Saunders worked together a few years ago to create the Terra Nova for Ben to use on his Trans-Antarctic voyage in 2014.
    Well, this is the follow up to that watch that was created for Ben's 2017 unsupported solo trek across Antarctica.

    The Endurance is Titanium, Supermarine based, 43mm, with a sexy orange GMT hand and exhibition case back. The bezel is coated in sapphire and features a navigation compass bezel with orange accents to use with the GMT/North hand.

    Price is $6,395 and again, limited to 300 pieces total. Comes on Orange GGB NATO strap.

    So that's a wrap for the Townhouse 2018 Collection! What do you guys think? Are there any watches here that you'd be eager to purchase? Are there any that you didn't care for? Is there something that you were hoping to see that didn't make it this year? Let us know in the comments below!
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    Some great looking new releases here from Bremont - as we've come to expect!

    My personal favourites are the new S500 and the U2/51 with the 'jet' barrel borrowed, like you righty said, from the 100 Squadron watch! I love how they've simplified the dial layout, but kept the core MB/U2 DNA, with the anti-shock and the Martin-Baker triangle still present on the dial, albeit a little more subtle than usual!

    The new ALT1-C is pretty cool too, I love the new WH-BK! I just wish the white was a little more creamy, if you know what I mean. It's nice to see the larger exhibition caseback finding its way across from the PB and PW, too. For me, that was always one of the coolest features of the polished watches.

    The Endurance is a cool watch too (no pun intended!) - I like the new caseback here also, but it would be interesting to find out some data on how that impacts the performance of the watch in terms of shock and magnetism. I suspect it'll be the same as the MB's - half a Faraday cage equals half the protection. It's also nice to see a GGB strap making an appearance on a watch again too, even if it is bright orange. Nice one, Carl!

    I guess I'll have to check them all out 'in real life' on Wednesday! If anyone else If about, do give me a shout!


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    Liking the look of the Mach 3 and at 40mm itís a great size for a casual watch

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    Some more photos fresh off the press!

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    Crikey, it looks like 2018 could be an expensive year! There's a lot of great stuff in there - the blue Airco, the U2, the Alt1-C's and of course, the Endurance!


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    That's some amount of new pieces!!

    Personally, my favourites are the blue Airco MACH 3, the new White C and the new S500BK (could change my mind to the 501!!)

    Will hopefully be seeing them on Wednesday so will help me decide,as we all now, that seeing them and trying them can very often make you change your mind!!

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    I LOVE the Alt1-C redesign. Definitely getting the blue one. Really digging the Endurance too. Had a TN but sold it later on..... may need to pick one of these up too! Too many wants!!!

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    I like all the refresh models for Bremont this year! My favorite is the ALT-C White only because that is one model I have always wanted but donít own! The DLC U-2 is a great and smart addition because it has been one of the most popular options for their military models! My DLC VIPER U-2 has turned into my go to watch, I love it on the blue rubber strap! I think this will be a good year for Bremont! Cheers Jim

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    Whoa! That ALT1-C in white!

    Endurance in titanium! Well, I do not have a Bremont in titanium (yet). And, that orange GGB NATO strap is, again, just wow!

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    Well, don't think the Endurance is as robust as the Terra Nova. No faraday cage. It's a show pony. Looks cool though.

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