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Thread: Townhouse 2018 Releases

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    Quote Originally Posted by theancientmariner View Post
    The Endurance is tall, seems far taller than an Alt1. Feels the same as an S500 without the orange strap but with that strap seems overly tall. I still really liked it though.
    Thanks for the info @ancientmariner, can you tell me how much taller it feels? I know thatís hard to estimate, but does it feel cumbersome? Do you have any case thickness figure? I canít find it listed anywhere. I wear my Alt1 on a NATO, and itís a bit frustrating at times, but not unmanageable ó Iím guessing a solid caseback would help!

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    It doesn't feel cumbersome but where as the Alt1 I could wear as a 'dress' watch and it will fit under my shirt sleeve the Endurance certainly wouldn't.

    I don't know what the case thickness measures but what did surprise me is that I checked the listed thickness of the S500 as a comparison and it's the same as the Alt1. I would never have believed that if it had't been on the Bremont site.

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