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Thread: Solo Date Change??

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    Solo Date Change??

    Ladies and Gents,

    Just wanted to clarify date changes, now normally I am well and truly asleep by this time but I noticed that my solo at one point yesterday was displaying half way between 2-3 on the date wheel. I have since reset my watch due to flying to a new location. So i manfully adjusted the time and date a few times with the crown fully pulled to the 3rd position. I then cycled through the date wheel a few times back to the correct date as well to check my sanity.

    My question, is therefore is my solo date change now slow?? I would hate for me to have issues with it... resulting in my new watch having to return to Bremont HQ so early on. I canít attach a video but my date change occurs at 0001.

    My U2 when I have noticed changes at 0000

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    Solo Date Change??

    Interesting question Dan.

    There is some tolerance in when the date 'flips' over - I've checked mine and they flip at bang on 12.

    Having researched this previously, it seems there's a small window of tolerance (approx 5 minutes) with some watches/brands. I've not heard of similar with Bremont, but being an ETA base there must be a small window of tolerance, as per the others?

    As it's only a minute, there's no suggestion it's abnormal, therefore I'd live with it. Maybe bring the matter up when the service rolls around?


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    Ah J thank you for that ta only as I compared it to my U2/SS. If I hadnít compared After the odd date display I wouldnít have been as concerned! Thank you for letting me know

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    Just for grins you might try resetting the date by setting the time to 6:00 then advance the date all the way around to yesterday then advance the time until it is today! Then just set the time and watch how it does! That has worked for me when my date has been acting weird! Can’t hurt! Cheers Jim
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