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Thread: Bremont Evening

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    Bremont Evening

    Had the greatest of pleasure in attending the Bremont gathering at Banks Lyons in Lancaster last night with my two sons. Never having been to one before we were very impressed with the whole evening, Giles came along and gave us an excellent talk on the company from grass roots to where it’s at today and into the future which we found very interesting.
    We were well looked after by the very informative staff who seemed to appreciate a slightly younger generation showing some interest as did Giles as he made his way up for a chat.
    The 1918 looked a bit special and I was surprised how well it sat on the wrist, the lads, well the lads enjoyed trying just about everything on, the younger one (26) took to the MACH 2 and the RG Alt 1 and the older (31) the white faced Alt 1.

    Q and A time with Giles, only one taker but the question seemed to be on a few minds.

    Q How far off is a full in house movement ?

    A. We will probably only ever achieve 80% due to the cost of a complete movement.
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    Nice work TT. Appreciate the update.

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