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Thread: Bremont HMS Olympus Watch.

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    Bremont HMS Olympus Watch.

    Hello everyone,

    News just in from Bremont this morning: they've created a new 3 watch run to commemorate the loss of HMS Olympus, which was sank just off Malta in 1942.

    The three watches, which will be auctioned from the 23rd October until the 30th November, are going to be one S300/BL, one S300/BK and one S301. Each watch will have the HMS Olympus crest on the dial, with 100% of the proceeds going to The Olympus Memorial Fund.

    You can bid through Givergy (links below), with each watch starting at 1500.

    S300/BL - Givergy.

    S300/BK - Givergy.

    S301 - Givergy

    You can find out a little bit more about HMS Olympus with Bremont Ambassador Timmy Gablin by watching this video below.

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