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    Question Rolled Gold

    I am tempted to go for RG for the 2018 LE model. Has anyone anyone any experience of wearing RG? Does the RG tarnish and/or wear badly?

    Own at present: Supersonic LE - Kingsman SS LE - Endurance LE - Wright Flyer SS LE - 1918 WG LE - Michael Wong LE - Boeing 100 LE - Boeing 747 (Military) - 216 Sqn x 2 (Mlitary) - ALT1-B - Omega Apollo 17.

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    My experience of wearing a rose gold watch is that it does tarnish slightly and it clearly wont wear as well as a SS, however, I had to send my watch into Bremont for repair and they kindly polished it up for me and it come back as good a new, so these things can be fixed.

    My view is that you just have to be extra careful when wearing one.

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    Wildrover I would think the Rose gold has to be looked after, I tried a R/gold Wright flyer on at my local AD not to long ago. Brand new and it's already slightly marked from people trying it on, they said it would be returned and polished by Bremont if purchased

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