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Thread: Bremont 2017 LE: 1918 RAF 100th Anniversary Watch

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    Bremont 2017 LE: 1918 RAF 100th Anniversary Watch

    The 2017 Bremont Limited Edition watch has officially been announced! Or perhaps, we should call it the 2018 Limited Edition?

    This year, the English Brothers have chosen to honor the centennial anniversary of the Royal Air Force by creating the "Bremont 1918" watch for the Heritage Limited Edition collection. This is a move that makes total sense, as aviation heritage is arguably the core belief of the Bremont brand, particularly British aviation. Interestingly, Nick, Giles, and their father, Euan, all learners to fly from the RAF.

    Bremont have partnered with the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) and will be donating a percentage of proceeds to support current and former RAF personnel.

    The most remarkable feature is the AM/PM indicator that displays a Spitfire dogfight in the Battle of Britain during the daytime hours and the Avro Lancaster bomber flying a night mission in the evening hours. Indeed, a complication that is inherently appropriate for Bremont as a brand, and certainly commemorates RAF legacy quite well.

    The watch is said to borrow some styling features from the old RAF sector clocks. If you look at the running seconds register at 9H, you can see the outline of the sector clock, similar to the one seen below.

    The outer dial features railroad track details and Bremonts first use of a Telemeter, which is a tool used to approximately measure the distance to an event that can be both seen and heard using the speed of sound.

    It appears that the two Gold versions will have both raised numerals and hour markers, where as the SS version will have raised markers, but printed numerals.

    In typical Bremont fashion, on the rear case you’ll find some very special metal and wood incorporated into the rotor. The 3 piece propeller blade uses metal from a Bristol Blenheim, a Supermarine Spitfire, and a Hawker Hurricane, all of which flew in the summer of 1940 during the Battle of Britain. In the center, is an original wood veneer from the rudder bar of the Shuttleworth Collections 1917 SE5a. These precious materials represent important aircraft used by the RAF during both World Wars. Below is a diagram of the materials used and how they are incorporated into the rotor.

    There are 3 variations of the 1918:

    White dial in polished Stainless Steel case for 8,495 GBP/11,495 USD. Limited to 275 pieces.

    Black dial in polished Rose Gold case for 15,995 GBP/21,495 USD. Limited to 75 pieces.

    Blue dial in polished White Gold case for 16,995 GBP/22,495 USD. Limited to 75 pieces.

    The watches are expected to begin shipping in December 2017.

    So what are YOUR first impressions? Please vote on the thread poll.

    If you plan to purchase one, which of the three models are you planning on?

    aBlogToWatch and Hodinkee have their coverage of the 1918 posted up. Be sure to head there as well to read their thoughts and drop some encouraging words in the comments if you like what you see!

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