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Thread: Vibey U2 losing time :(

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    Vibey U2 losing time :(

    Hey hey! Long time no speak! I hope y'all doing well out there. Apologies for my absence, life gets in the way, I guess....

    Anyhoo, I have a question for you all, wondering if anyone has experienced a similar thing.... Back late last year my 2013 U2 started vibrating when I wound it, like it was a child's kenetic toy that you rev up and let go - I presumed it was something to do with the rotor, but clearly wanted to get it fixed so in January I had it sent back to Henley for a look-see. It was still within a year of the service (March 2017) so the lovely people at Bremont did it for free My watch came back to me in April and it seemed to be fixed, although David (Bremont Royal Exchange) didn't actually say what the problem was - although equally I didn't remember to ask as I was in a hurry.

    Now it's started doing it again - not every time I wind it, but certainly the issue is back. It is also losing 4 seconds a day like, well, clockwork. I know 4 seconds is still JUST within COSC, but that feels a bit.... wrong to me.

    I was just wondering if anyone else had had this issue with older U2s?
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    Hey turbohobbit, it's great to see you're still hanging around here!

    I've not heard of that issue before, but it certainly sounds like a bit of an recurring theme that needs to be addressed. Maybe give Bremont a call, ask if they can elaborate on what was wrong and see if you can come to a solution for getting it resolved? I agree 4 seconds a day is a little much, but as it is within COSC, I doubt they will see that as much of an issue.

    If you need any contact details for HQ, PM me.


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