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Thread: Fantastic Customer Service

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    Fantastic Customer Service

    My new Boeing arrived today and it looked great. I ordered a bracelet with the watch and the kit came to fit it, a simple task of removing the four small Allen head screws, push in the retaining bars and then replace the screws, a very simple procedure. I fitted the bottom bracelet section but unfortunately when I attempted to remove the upper RH screw it became tight half way out and was on the cusp of rounding off the entire Allen section, so the task was halted. I contacted JO at Bremont and she could not have been any more apologetic. The watch will be returned and they will remove the screw and return the watch to me immediately. Absolutely first rate service, when compared to another in my collection from a different manufacturer who spent almost 6 months arguing and trying to avoid repairing a bezel that fell off after 2 days of usage. Well done Bremont, it's service like this that will keep me returning for future purchases.

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    I'm sorry to hear about the screws...I've always been intrigued by the Boeing series with that attachment mechanism as opposed to the regular spring bars.

    That being said, my experiences with CS have always been the same as yours - the team at Bremont really do go above and beyond to make sure you're fully satisfied!

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    Fantastic Customer Service

    The system appears to be robust, if I'm honest I would say preferable. I have seen this sort of issue hundreds of times on aircraft fasteners that are threaded. On occasion the threads are not cut deep enough and as the screws/pins etc are wound into place a portion becomes detached, it's hardly noticeable when your putting them in but when you attempt to remove them it becomes difficult. Generally I would drill into the faster then use an ezyout to wind it out, however these are very small and outside my tooling capacity/skill level. I'm pretty good at drilling out booster pack bolts

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