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Thread: If only Bremont made a...

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    If only Bremont made a...

    Afternoon Colleagues,

    I was thinking this morning about the watch functions I consider most ideal, and started to wonder how fantastic it would be if Bremont made such a watch.

    I like simple chronos (two dials, not three. Three just looks too busy), GMT, and date functions. From my one post, you'll know that Bremont do make just one watch that meets my criteria: the Codebreaker. Ignoring the historical aspects of the watch (which are wonderful), its rarity, and the fact that one will set you back around 11-15k if you can find one, the Codebreaker is quite possibly one of the most handsome chrono, GMT, date watches I've ever seen. Ever. Its simple, elegant, functional, and understated. I love the Arabic numerals, train track around the outside of the watch, simple two-dial chrono, and GMT function. I've looked at every other brand, and not seen anything that comes close to matching the versatility or looks of the watch to be worn formally or casually. It really is a watch for all occasions.

    This made me think, "if only Bremont made a... similar dressy-casual GMT, date watch." I know many will say, "they do, its the MBIII, Bremont Boeing, DH88, etc." However, none of those watches are that dressy compared to the Codebreaker, or indeed, the cleaner Airco Mach 1 and 2. If either of the Airco watches had a GMT function, I'd be wearing it. Also, the DH88, for example, like almost every Bremont chronograph, has three dials. As indicated, I think this looks too busy, as if the watch is trying to do too much. I also hear many saying, "Bremont is a aviation watch company, so their watches need to be harder wearing (meaning not as dressy as the Alt1C-PB or PW, Victory, etc) and have chronos." I accept this to a degree, but not entirely. After all, many watch brands branch out from their core themes, as Bremont do from time to time.

    Thus, my question to you all is this: do you have an ideal Bremont watch that they don't make? I wish they'd make a cleaner, dressier GMT watch, like the Mach 1 or 2 with a GMT. Or, take one of the Chrono functions out of the DH88, for example. In short, I really do like the Bremont brand. I think its great what they are doing, and the market they are creating. However, I find the brand slightly frustrating in that their watches either go too far in functionality or not far enough.



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    .....a small seconds field watch of sorts. Along the likes of the Dirty Dozen, like the Cyma or the Omega versions. 38mm case, thick bezel, black dial, lume numbers, white outlined hands not shiny. Thin case like the airco. 100wr minimum. No date.

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    Grandsire, sounds like a nice watch. Although, they have a new LE being released on 4th October. I confess I'm rather excited to see what they come out with. Perhaps it will fit either of our discriptions.


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    If only Bremont made a...

    Yeah! Absolutely:

    I'm really looking for a dive watch with GMT (not Zulu) function, 13mm case thickness, a 24hour bezel, 40mm case size, a day/date function, and a non-hardened stainless steel case so that it can be paired with a bracelet without looking odd.

    Preferably, a matt black dial with lume on the bezel numbers to indicate the third time zone in low light conditions, a largish GMT hand marker (so it doesn't get lost on the dial markers), and heavily lumed markers not numerals on the dial.

    Simple really -- and no-one makes one, so there's clearly a gap in the market! (The closest anyone comes is the new BALL engineer hydrocarbon -- but that crown is frightful and the bracelet is clunky and very.... American. Surely we Brits can do a much better job!)?

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    Dressy, polished stainless steel chrono, with a GMT function, date, and incorporating new features from their historical line.

    WELCOME TO 1918!!!!

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