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    Seattle strap

    A quick question to see if anyone has had any issues with the Seattle strap. Mine has just given way where it's wrapped around the pin buckle, it hasn't been worn tightly, less than two yrs old and only worn after work and weekends oh and of course holidays.
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    I also have a little 'delamination' near the springbar area. I think caused by the edge rubbing against the lugs.

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    May give HQ a call on Monday, my Mk 1 has also started losing 3-4mins a month

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ticktoc View Post
    May give HQ a call on Monday, my Mk 1 has also started losing 3-4mins a month
    Whilst that may seem wildly outside the box, it's only just outside COSC specifications.

    Without trying not to get too technical, the time loss (or gain) will be influenced by how much you wear the watch, how you leave the watch at night etc and of course how old your watch is. In my opinion, whilst outside COSC, -6s a day (assuming 3 minutes and 30 days in the month) is still just about acceptable. But, as usual, if you aren't happy I'm sure Bremont will help you out.


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    Thanks J, although I don't wear it during the day due to it being inappropriate for my type of work, I do give it a good wind before retiring at night and do realise being stationary all day isn't ideal.
    On hols in a few weeks so maybe a good time to give it a check.

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    Gave HQ a ring today regarding my MK11 and the Seattle strap, they have asked me to send it back to be assessed and will inform me of their findings.

    Another fault assuming it is one is the automatic bidirectional winder has got very sluggish compared to the one on my DH88.

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