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Thread: Feeling a little sick this morning....

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    I was going to suggest possible laser welding but at that price I would send it straight back to bremont and not worry about it.
    If it were a Rolex you would be looking at over 1000 quite easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    What rubbish!!
    I knew it!

    Quote Originally Posted by fatmanontwowheels View Post
    So for just under $500usd I can have it serviced and get the bezel replaced. Sounds good. Thanks
    Correct, no problem. Let us know what you decide to do.

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    I did the same thing to my U2/t. Dropped it on the bathroom floor. Butter fingers. I sent it to the AD and told them it was totally my fault. Bremont will just replace the case. Bremont was awesome about it and actually replaced the case for free. Now that is customer service. I wouldn't expect that to happen again. They probably took mercy on me because I just bought the watch, but I have checked with them about replacing the upper 3rd of the case before and, in comparison to other watch companies, their fee is quite reasonable. I'll say though, if you're anywhere close to a service date just get that done. They'll replace the upper 3rd of the case then anyway. It's one of the things I love about Bremont. New case. It's the only company I would buy a dlc watch from. When you scratch a Breitling blacksteel case, which is going to happen, you're up a crick. When it's case and you watch looks good as new.
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    Know this feeling all too well. 4 days after getting my Alt1-P back from a service with a brand new bezel, my daughter went to dash out in front of a car in a car park I went to grab her and scraped my brand new bezel agains a concrete post. Brand new bezel, brand new scratch marks. Thankfully because of the hardened steel it wasn't so bad, but it was still rather annoying. I have a few more songs now, but I wear mine every day and do everything in it. I look forward to my next service!

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