Well, I took the plunge with an ALT1 ZT/BK from Toppers in San Fran last week. I'm generally very happy with the watch, but I do have a little niggle....

I really never take my watch off and prefer to wear it on a bracelet as this stands up to water well, looks good under a suit, and is hardy enough to put up with kayaking and wrenching on Land Rovers! Unfortunately, the Bremont bracelet is not the same colour as the watch case (becasue the case is hardened and the bracelet isn't) and stands out like a sore thumb -- more accurately, the colour mismatch would drive me scatty (more scatty).

I am wondering if any of you have any third party bracelet recommendations for my ALT1? I am looking for something that has suitable end links and is of good quality. I am not terribly fond of rubber bracelets, as I find them pinchy and not very dressy. I am currently wearing the ALT1 on a Bremont Zulu, but that wont look rightAlt under a suit!

Looking forward to your suggestions!