My first ALT1-Z (2007) got a small mark on the reflective coating in 2011, when I hit a concrete wall pretty hard (case itself got a pretty huge ding).

Was time for a service anyway, so I had the glass replaced. The replaced glass had no problems at all for five years although I wore the watch 24/7 and didn't spare it.

Now I got me a new Bremont from 2016 and after only a month I got the first mark on the coating. It is awful. I love the look of the ZT and often just sit and stare at it and now it is as if someone is pushing asplinter into my eye.

In "historic" documents I still find that the "The scratch resistant sapphire crystal has 9 layers of hardened coating", but I can't find that on the website anymore. Now I read on this forum people have badly scratched crystals, which doesn't compute with 6 years 24/7 without a spot.

Any similar experience or official information the coating hardening process has been scrapped?