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Thread: Outer Anti-reflective coating

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bc321 View Post
    So how much is it to get the crystal replaced??? Not sure what happened but somehow put a significant scratch on mine right between the 7 & 8

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    That looks nasty. I'm really surprised you firstly managed that, and secondly that it was so easy you don't know how you did it...

    Jeremy's suggestion is spot on - ask Nick & Giles what they'd recommend!


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    Hadnt realised that was possible. My only issue I have had with my Bremont's Crystal so far. Was I had a few imperfections on my Solo. Which looked like bubbles in the layers. Luckily for me it was noticed quickly and Bremont rectified it immediately.
    Thanks for warning me that this can be done and from your experience, fairly easily.

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    Sorry to say, but either they changed the process or there is quite a huge production variance.

    I wore my ALT1-Z eight years 24/7 and the only scratch (much smaller than yours, BC321) it ever took on the coating was accompanied by a huge nick on the body when I "hammered" it against a metal doorframe.

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    Agreed...... I've owned 8 different Bremonts. Never had a issue with this before. As far as the Bremont tour, doesn't look like they are stopping in philly. Just NYC and then Maryland the next day. If you have any other good contacts let me know

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