I picked these up in the Ernest Jones sale here in the UK last week. Both watches can be returned to store, but in case anybody missed out, I thought it would be nice to offer them for sale on here. I don't use this forum a lot but have plenty of references elsewhere.

They're both for sale in exactly condition I received them, and at the same price, plus postage. Therefore nothing in it for me other than to hopefully pass them on to someone who is looking for such a watch.

1. Bremont Solo 43mm Black dial watch...

2235GBP plus delivery

2. Bremont Oracle II GMT with red band, plus extra black sailcloth band. This watch has some slight scratches on the top right hand lug but nothing bad IMO. I did think about speaking to Bremont to see if they'd be able to do anything but I'm not keeping the watch so there's no point in me getting busy. Everything else is as new though of course.

3075GBP plus delivery