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Thread: Bremont Auctioning F-15 Eagle Driver Watch for Charity

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    Bremont Auctioning F-15 Eagle Driver Watch for Charity

    If you've ever wanted to own a special Bremont Military watch (without actually qualifying to purchase one), now is your chance! Bremont are auctioning off Serial #15 of the F-15 Eagle Driver watch, with funds to benefit the Red River Valley Association.

    From the Auction website:

    The Bremont “Eagle Driver” special military edition is a unique and bespoke watch available to F-15A/B/C/D pilots only, current or former. In cooperation with The Boeing Company, the Bremont “Eagle Driver” project is based on the new Bremont Boeing Model.

    Bremont is delighted to announce this exciting auction in aid of The Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association, which is a very special charity and one that Bremont Special Projects and Military team admire.
    The Red River Valley Association was founded as a military organization of fighter pilots to commemorate inter-service teamwork, strong esprit de corps, and unprecedented sacrifices demonstrated by American fighting men during the campaign over North Vietnam. The association established Pride of Patriotism and Defense of the Constitution of the United States of America as its guiding principles. We provide an active forum for discussion and debate of aerial warfare issues and encourage the United States government to achieve the fullest possible accounting for all service personnel declared MIA/KIA (Missing In Action/Killed In Action)(body not recovered) in all armed conflicts.

    If you feel compelled to bid on the watch, follow the link for more information!
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