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Thread: Official Name the Strap Contest

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    Official Name the Strap Contest

    I recently discovered that the new Leather strap featured on the Supermarine 301 does not yet have a name!

    !!!!!UPDATED!!!!! We at Alt1tude have been challenged by Giles English and Mike Pearson to come up with a proper name for the new strap, so let's see what we can come up with!

    To jog your memory, Bremont have historically had a pattern of naming straps after sites near their home base of Henley on Thames. For instance, the Bremont leather NATO was named 'Hambleden' after a small village near Henley, and the classic styled rubber strap is dubbed 'Temple Island' to honor a local monument in Henley.

    Some of you may choose to stay in the same vein as the straps above with your name, or you may choose to go a completely different direction! The choice is yours!

    Submit your proposed strap name below, and then on March 18th, I'll sort through all the entries and select the top 5 to pass along to Mike and Giles. From there, the guys will pick the winner from our list for the official name of this new strap! If you really like one of the strap names submitted by someone else, please let me know that you like it so it has a better chance of making the Top 5.

    The Alt1tude member whose name ends up being chosen will win a Bremont strap of their choice!

    Let's hear what you've got!

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    Two Stitch Vintage! Cheers Jim
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    My suggestion is...... Remenham.

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    I'm going to go with Woolston (location of Supermarine’s original factories in Southampton building the Spitfire (i think!))

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    How about "The Merlin" for obvious reasons.

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    How about Reginald after Reginald Mitchell the inventor of the Spitfire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptLeslie View Post
    Two Stitch Vintage! Cheers Jim
    ...or 'Vin-stitch'

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    The Captain's suggestion gets my vote!

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    The celebration strap

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