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Thread: Trip to OZ via Hong Kong

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    Trip to OZ via Hong Kong

    Upcoming holiday to Australia with a stopover in HK for three nights. Never been and would be nice to have a heads up on places to eat and things to do.
    Bremont boutique is on the list so may get a chance to see some of the new models if they have received any.
    Three nights in Sydney and Singapore two nights on the way back ( with a cruise in between).


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    Ray in the Hong Kong boutique is very friendly and knowledgeable.

    Eating, so many choices. The boutique is in the Soho area, I am sure you will stumble over a watering hole or two that serves good food.

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    Thanks Wildrover looking forward to it, must get some photos this time. Way to excited in the NY boutique.

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    I'd recommend checking out Hong Kong guides made by Lost LeBlanc. I'm sure you can easily google him Of course it depends on what you're looking for, but he might be a good start!

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    Thanks will have a look.
    The jollies start on Tuesday and thankfully we haven't the need to trudge around Rolex AD's as we intended as I managed to bag one for the wife last weekend. Result more time in the Bremont boutique, win win.

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    I was there for launch last night a visit to boutique a must
    So many local eateries
    Don't know of many bad ones really

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    Many thanks tb that's good to know, the wife has the dim sum Michelin star eatery on her hot list of places to go, I think it's in a shopping mall.

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