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Thread: Bremont Townhouse Releases: 2/27/17

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    Bremont Townhouse Releases: 2/27/17

    Great news, fellas! It's time for the Inaugural Bremont Townhouse Week in London, which means the English Brothers are dropping new watches today. Many retailers will be visiting the Townhouse this week to check out the new collection and place orders for their respective stores. There will also be 2 days open to the public on Friday March the 3rd, and Monday March the 6th. Be sure to reach out if you plan to go! I know Brendan (BC321) is planning on making a stop in, as is Bryan (Texan).

    Without further adieu, here are the new releases for 2017.

    First up, I won't hesitate in showing my love for the new Supermarine 300 series:

    The new SM 300 and 301 watches are the first Bremont dive watches offered in a smaller, 40mm Trip-Tick case. Case height comes in thinner at 13mm instead of the 16mm on the SM 500. Unlike its bigger siblings, the SM 300 watches omit the integrated crown guard and Day feature. You'll also notice that the uni-directional bezel now features ceramic inserts! NICE! Finally, the second hand features a nice lollipop lume, which you still can't find on a standard SM 500.

    The SM 300 watches are slightly more modern looking, and come in blue and black dialed versions. They also feature numerals on the dial with red text.

    For me, the showstopper is the SM 301, which is a vintage take on the new Supermarine 300 family. It features the lovely vintage lume used on the P-51, U2/T, and ALT1-ZT/51. It drops the numerals in favor of lovely circle indices. This one comes on a gorgeous black and gold nylon NATO strap, and a gorgeous two-stich vintage leather strap. Of note, the lug width on the SM 300 watches is 20mm, so these won't work on your standard 43mm Bremont case.

    Check out the gold on the crown! LOVE IT!

    Case back will look like so:

    I'm hearing these will be shipping from Bremont in May for a price of $4295.

    Next up, lets check out the new AIRCO series, which will be part of the SOLO family.

    The AIRCO Mach 1 and 2 are Bremont's latest effort in creating a smaller, military inspired aviation watch like you would have seen in the early 1900's. We've never seen Bremont use a case like this before! Again, it is 40mm in diameter with 20mm lug width, and comes on various straps, including some lovely NATOs.

    The AIRCO Mach 1 is more utilitarian in nature, and features a brushed stainless steel case with a beautiful orange second hand. This particular hand set has never been used in a Bremont watch before.

    The AIRCO Mach 2 is quite a bit dressier, and utilizes a polished case, and applied polished numerals on a slate grey dial. You get the same elegant handset seen on the ALT1-C/Polished Black, and your date window slides over to the 6H position, and y

    You can definitely see how these models fit in with the current 3 handed SOLO family of watches. I expect them to be offered at a similar price point of $4095

    While we're talking about the SOLO series, it seems like a good time to point out the latest ladies SOLO 32 RG watches, now slightly modified and offered in a beautiful Rose Gold. Gorgeously done, in my opinion. Would love to see Bremont create a simple deployant to go along with these ladies watches. Price is $9795

    Now that you've had a change to get in touch with your feminine side, its time to snap out of it and get back to MAN WATCHES!

    After 10 years, the ALT1-P gets a refresh, much like the ALT1-Z did a few years back with the ZT range. Black and Blue versions live on, but the watch will now be offered in Cream, the same color used on the ALT1-C. The new ALT1-P will have a larger exhibition case back than the older models, but your rotating internal bezel is now gone! That's right, no more Roto-click crown at 8H. I personally love the internal rotating bezel and am sad to see it go, but love the new and otherwise improved ALT1-P range. Check out the updated sword handset and sharper font numerals. I'm not sure if the lume is a new shade on these CG images. Will have to wait and see real life pictures to really tell. $5395.

    Next up, the Jaguar collection grows with the Jaguar MK II/WH. It's got a tachymeter and the awesome blue racing strap now gets some extra flair with red stitching. Love it. Want it. Need it. $7195

    If vintage Jaguar sports cars aren't your thing, perhaps Norton motorcycles are? To celebrate the upcoming Isle of Man TT, featuring the Norton SG6 race bike, Bremont and Norton have again partnered up for another Norton Limited Edition watch. If you missed out on the first Norton watch, this is your chance!! In actuality, there will be 2 watches, each limited to 200 pieces. The Norton V4SS watches will only be sold to purchasers of a special Norton motorcycle, much like the original Jaguar Lightweight E-Type watches were only available to purchasers of the Jaguar car. The Norton V4RR watches will be available to the general public in May 2017, in time for the Isle of Man TT race. I don't have pictures of the case back, but it apparently features a beautiful red rotor. $7595

    Finally, Bremont have released two Americas Cup watches to celebrate the 35th running of the Americas Cup race in Bermuda this summer. The first a gorgeous rose gold watch called the AC 35, and mimics the Wright Flyer in most ways, including its use of the proprietary BWC/01 movement. It features a stunning black dial with subtle Auld Mug pattern, and blue tempered hand set. Only 35 of these will be made for $23,495.

    The second watch is called the AC R II, and is a Regatta timer that borrows the case of an ALT1-P. 135 of these will be made, supposedly both in stainless steel and rose gold. If you look closely, the numeric markings on the inner bezel are backwards, as this watch is used as a count down to start time. It's even color coded in blue and red in certain areas! Of course, the 15 minute Regatta timer is prominently displayed at the 12H position for easy reference. $6695

    So that's it! What do you think of this years watches? Which is your favorite? Did they leave out anything that you were expecting, or would like to see? Let us know below, and be sure to vote in the poll!
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    What a great line up and 40mm cases are spot on. The Airco Mach 1 is my favourite and I love the new Supermarines. I think I still prefer the original ALT1-P. It's a great looking collection.

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    I like the looks of the Airco Mach2. The only problem I have with it is that they haven't done one in white with those Victory hands they also use on the ALT1-C PW.

    I'll have to take a closer look on Friday at the Town House.

    I started to look at Bremont last year because of the DH88. That led me to also getting a MBII, I don't necessarily want to get another Bremont but have a yearning for a more classic looking watch. For me a dress watch is going to have a white face and I really like the face on the ALT1-C PW. I liked the general look of the old Americas Cup 3 hand watch but not the face pattern or the Americas Cup branding, if the they could add a plain white to the Airco line perhaps with black applied numerals then that might be the watch for me.

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    For me this is the best comprehensive release EVER. I love the new Supermarines....

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    I am a sucker for blue dials.... The Submarine in blue dial is awesome. Also a fan of the new Norton and the Mach 1 & 2 are a nice edition to the lineup. Cant wait to see them in person!!!
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    What an amazing collection. The polished Airco Mach 2 is a especially a stunner.
    I wonder if the bracelet design has undergone any modifications during this stage.


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    This is the most extensive release of new watches/refresh of the Bremont line since I have been a fan! The NORTON and the SM301 are the two that really get the juices flowing for me! I chose the Norton first because that was the first motorcycle I lusted after as a young man but couldn't afford, and it also has the mph ring for speed timing of Motorsport performance that I also wish I had in a watch but don't have! So for me it offers a lot of unfulfilled dreams in a watch! Cheers Jim
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    The Norton V4/RR is...just wow! The rotor is, again, just wow! And, it has a Tachymetre, something I 'suggested' a while back.

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    Plenty to like in there.. The Norton - just because it looks great, The blue Supermarine, and several others. Good stuff!


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    Hmmm possibly blue Supermarine but not much for me here - still prefer and lust after some existing models

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