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Thread: A tale of a grail, a waiting list and an irate wife (and nearly a castration)

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    A tale of a grail, a waiting list and an irate wife (and nearly a castration)

    September 2016, the Ultimatum

    If you buy another watch this year I'm going to divorce you and take you to the cleaners. I'll go for half your watches, the house, your car and Chunky.

    October 2016, the Grail.

    I was perusing watches in a York jewellers and I enquired as to lead time on a grail watch of mine, a Patek Philippe Nautilus ref 5712. The AD came back with approx 2 / 3 years and said you can get your name down on the waiting list for a non-refundable deposit of 500.00. I ummed and arred and decided to leave the shop without being added to the waiting list. Whilst wandering around York and sampling a few pints I decided I was going to go back to the AD to add my name to the list as I had to walk past it to get to the train station. After sampling a few more beers I decided to head back. As I'd had one beer too many I had lost track of time and the AD was shut. I thought well at least it's saved me a lot of money.

    November 2016, the Call.

    I had 2 missed calls on my mobile from a number I didn't recognise. I never usually do this but decided to ring the number back to see who it was. They answered the phone and it was the AD so I asked to speak to the salesman I'd been speaking to the last time I was in. Good news, spoken to Patek and they can get you the 5712 in about 2 months time but I need an answer today along with the 500.00 deposit. Within seconds my credit card was out and I was down on the list.

    December 2016, Watch Sale.

    Wife, what are you doing with those watches. Me, taking pictures to sell them as I'm fairly skint. Wife, you better not have bought another watch. Me, have I hell.

    Decembr 2016, the Appeasement Gift.

    Back to the AD to pick up a Christmas present for the wife. Would you like it gift wrapping and shall I put the receipts in your bag, without thinking about the plural of receipt I said go on then.

    Christmas Day 2016, the Receipt discovery.

    Wife opens her nicely wrapped gift and is over the moon. I said read all the paperwork so that you know how to set it etc. Unbeknownst to me the 500.00 deposit receipt was in with the paperwork.

    Christmas Day + 2 2016, the Argument.

    Silly argument over nothing and she drops the bombshell (why do women always save things up to use against you in the future?). Have you bought another watch, no what makes you say that. Wife, because I've found a receipt for a Patek. An ::censored:: Patek. It could have been something cheap but an ::censored:: Patek. That's it I'm taking you to the cleaners. I'm taking you for half of your ::censored:: Patek. Me, I'm off to walk Chunky and calling for a few swifties in the pub. 5 hours later when I come home the house is in darkenss and she's fast asleep in bed. Next couple of days the temperature is cooler than the Arctic.

    January 2017, the Collection.

    And as a thread is of no use without pictures here they are.

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    Excellent post and a great watch. Hope it's all worth it.


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    Everything about this post is too good! Congrats on the incredible purchase, and on staying married!! It looks absolutely spectacular!

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    Your wife and my wife would get along very well. Heck of a beautiful watch my friend. That's a keeper for sure. Congrats!!!

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    Lovely watch, Chunky, and glad you went for it in the end - it's a brilliant, brilliant, watch. Patel really did hit the nail on the head with this one.

    Do let us know your views on the piece when you've spent a while with it.


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    Well, we know you have one keeper there! Excellent addition to the collection.

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    Haha! Excellent story!

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    Good new chunky, I have contacted your wife and introduced myself as the cleaner. She has agreed to sell me her half of your watch for 2000.
    Can you fed ex it me, as I have a formal event on Saturday night that I would like to wear it to. I will be fair, I only want it 50% of the time. :-)

    A very funny post mate as I think most of us can associate with it. Enjoy your watch and hopefully the Mrs has warmed a little. Perhaps you could let her wear it a few times.

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    The temperature in the Chunky household is just above sub-zero at present. Even purchasing a new handbag, shoes and jacket hasn't thawed the wife any That's my watch budget blown for a while............... unless anything takes my fancy at Baselworld...............2027

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    Been there as well. In my case an Audi 6 I forgot to mention And impossible to hide once delivered....
    That was 10 years ago but still gets brought up from time to time.

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