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Thread: Sport watch and fitness trackers

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    Sport watch and fitness trackers

    There seems to be a fair few quite active people on the forum, I'm wondering if any of you use sport watch fitness tracker with Heart Rate etc and how you mix with wearing your better timepieces.

    I'd like to track my gym workouts and cycle rides, I commute on a bike. I don't wear my nice watches while in the gym or on the road bike, so I could get an Apple watch or one of the better fitbits but a lot of those really come into their own when you wear them all day. I think wearing two watches would look a bit silly.

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    Two watches does look silly 😜
    I've had fitbits the issues are appalling build and longevity - they are always breaking - at least with an Apple Watch you have superb build quality

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    I have thought about buying a Seiko Astron or similar, as a watch that just tells the time these days is a little boring.

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    Morning Ninebolts, I invested in a company called Cloudtag last year and up until November were bringing Out the Cloudtag Track. To cut a long story short they brought in top people from Microsoft and it has now been rebranded as Oniter track and has a relaunch at CES in a couple of days. It has certainly got the the big players in the fitness band market worried, almost a heart rate monitor ( 95% accurate against a medical grade ecg monitor) on your wrist with very accurate algorithms.

    Hope this helps, not plugging this as an investment as I sold out at the right time for a change.
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    Just to add a little more it can also be clipped to your gym vest or t shirt with a separate clip to track your workout. The app can take care of your diet, weight loss goals etc.

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