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Thread: Show us your lume!

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    This one was easier to photograph.

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    Better lume on the DH-88 than on my MBII

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    Awesome Speake-Marin lume! Cheers Jim
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptLeslie View Post
    Awesome Speake-Marin lime! Cheers Jim
    That is indeed an awesome lume. Amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NineBolts View Post

    Better lume on the DH-88 than on my MBII
    It reminds me of the Zenith Pilot/Type 20 and watches of that ilk - very vintage inspired. I'm a fan.


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    A few photos we've taken over the years:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timeless Luxury Watches View Post
    A few photos we've taken over the years:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A little late to this Lume game, but my citizen has about the best lume of my watch collection.

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    Show us your lume!

    Hereís my contribution taken with an iPhone X. Iím rather surprised how well it turned out ó thereís a significant improvement in low light performance on the earlier iPhones.

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