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Thread: SR71 Lecture at Cosford

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    SR71 Lecture at Cosford

    Just thought I would give you the heads up in case anyone is living within striking range of RAF Cosford, the lecture sounds fascinating:

    SR71 Lecture Colonel Richard Graham RAF Museum Cosford
    Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Cosford Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society

    On the evening of Thursday 8th September at 19:00 our guest speaker will be none other than Colonel Richard Graham USAF (Retd) who is coming all the way from Texas to give us an overview from the cockpit of the SR71 Blackbird on an operational mission. Richard has written 5 books about the SR71 and served as the Wing Commander of the USAF 9th SRW (Strategic Reconnaissance Wing). Richard will probably also be selling some signed copies of his books.

    Everyone is welcome to come along to our lectures; you do not need to be a member of the Aeronautical Society. If you are not a member all that we ask is that you make a donation of 1.00 that covers some of the costs involved in putting on our lecture programme.

    The lectures start at 19:00 and almost always take place in the Cold War Building at the RAF Museum at Cosford. The Museum is just a couple of minutes from junction 3 of the M54. Parking is free in the evening, meaning that you can enjoy the Cold War Museum and a first rate lecture from a SR71 pilot for just 1.00. For an additional 30p you can get a coffee beforehand. The lecture theatre is immediately beneath the Avro Vulcan. If you plan to come along it is best to plan to arrive and grab a seat by around 18:45.

    Sadly I will be away!


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    Gavin many thanks for the heads up I will try and get over to that. It's only a 25 min drive away

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    Alas, I am at a different lecture that evening, from an RAF Hawk pilot friend of mine. So many lectures, too little time!

    I appreciate the heads up though, Gavin.

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