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Thread: Question regarding anti shock

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    Question regarding anti shock

    Hello, I am new to the forum and the reason I register is to ask a question regarding the Bremont anti shock system.

    The anti shock system is based on a piece of foam which helps to cushion any impact of the movement.

    I would like to know the durability of the foam, will it dis-integrate over time?

    My concern is if it does, how regularly would I need to get the foam replaced?

    Thank you.


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    Whilst I can't answer your question exactly, I would say that the neoprene gasket/ring that you are probably referring to ( piece of "foam", may be a little harsh) would be replaced as a service item. So under normal usage probably 5 years-ish.

    I never really appreciated the other side of many Bremont watches....the anti magnetic properties. From other forums it appears that other brands and automatic watches are quite susceptible to being magnetised from audio speakers, iPad covers and laptops etc (examples I have seen), so hopefully the Bremont watch, model dependant are going to be extra safe.

    Never managed to do it myself, but I have read a few post where people have managed to do it quite easily and unintentionally

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