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Thread: The New Timeless Bremont U2/T Limited Edition

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    The New Timeless Bremont U2/T Limited Edition

    Bremont + Timeless

    Timeless Luxury Watches is proud to announce our first collaboration with Bremont, the English maker of aviation-inspired tool watches. Our new creation is the U2/T. This is the most involved project weve ever done, the result of literally hundreds of different in-house renders and revisions before finally settling on the design you see before you.

    The U2/T is our vision of the watch Bremont would have made had they been around circa World War II. To accomplish that goal, we took one of our favorite Bremonts, the U2, and incorporated elements that have the right historic connotation to get the look we wanted. At the same time, we had a strong interest in legibility and functionality, so we created the cleanest design we possibly could.

    The most obvious change, of course, is the vintage lume. This is a unique formulation used only by Bremont. While it may look old, the Super LumiNova formula has an impressive intensity.

    Another change we made was the addition of heat blued hands. We love blued hands, for one thing, and for another we like to include a blue element in every watch we design. Furthermore, we think it enhances the vintage appeal of the watch.

    The most radical change to the original U2, however, is found in the day and date complications. We attempted a wide variety of different positions and styles for these complications, but ultimately we felt it was not only easier to read without them, but more true to the historic flieger source material. In the end, we eliminated them entirely. We then played with a variety of options for dial writing, but again erred on the side of legibility. The result is an all-business look.

    One of the things we love about the U2 is its rotating inner bezel. As we did with our Damasko DB3 & DB4 watches, we took this opportunity to simplify the design, removing everything but simple Arabic numerals. However, because this rotates, its a useful feature for pilots and frequent travelers as it can be used to track a second time zone.

    Like all Bremonts, it features hardened steel and a chronometer-grade automatic movement, ensuring that its not a tool watch in looks alone, but a tough and functional timepiece.

    The new U2/T is a limited edition of 100 watches, priced at $5,495 each. Click here to visit the pre-order page or click here to see Gear Patrols new article on the U2/T.

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    Like it
    Well done Gents

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    I like this. A lot. Blue hands against the matte black look great and the vintage lume is amazing on every model I see it feature. Would have liked to see the U22 style day/date in there at three o'clock however. The inner bezel appears deeper without the detail. Choosing to reverse from the U2 and U22 use of 6,9,12 hourmarkers is a nice touch. How many are being released and when will they be available? And are there any available in the UK?

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    Congratulations to everyone at Timeless - great job! And no doubt one that'll sell quickly!

    If you can, do post some 'live' pictures of the watch when you get one to show us.


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    Nice, good effort

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    Quote Originally Posted by neilhan68 View Post
    How many are being released and when will they be available? And are there any available in the UK?
    100 pieces st $5495. Timeless have always done well with distance sales, so I'm sure someone in the UK could get one.

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    Looks really good what did you do with the reverse?

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    Looks fantastic. I especially like the lack of words on the dial - no "automatic chronometer" for example.

    Great job.

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    Great vintage look on the U-2! These won't last long! A brown vintage strap or brown crocodile strap would be must have assesories! Well done Timeless and Bremont! Cheers Jim
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    Nice looking watch, it would be interesting to see the reverse.

    Should have brought those dollars before last Thursday!

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