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Thread: Welcome to the new Bremont Military Forum

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    Lightbulb Welcome to the new Bremont Military Forum

    I wanted to point out a new area of Alt1tude, the Bremont Military forum, where we will be listing many of the various Military Squadron and Project watches that Bremont have participated in.

    As you probably know, Bremont have established a deep rooted relationship with the worldwide Military community . As a result, there have been MANY bespoke projects developed to pay tribute to a particular unit, or even mission.

    I'd love it if our current military members who own squadron watches could visit this area of the forum and create a thread that tells us about their particular piece, and some history about their project.

    Spread the word if you know anyone who is involved in a military project watch that can be discussed in this open forum!

    In the near future, I will be announcing a forum competition aimed at our military members, so stay tuned! (Tuesday the 31st of May could be a good time to pop by! )

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    This is a great idea! There are some very unique Bremont's out in the Military community that deserve a special place to showcase! Cheers Jim
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    Thanks for this. My dream would be a Tactical Reconnaissance version similar to the Wild Weasel version featuring the RF-84, RF-101, RF-4, etc. I wish my "kill em with film" buddies weren't such cheapskates.

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    Very good idea look forward to the military posts

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