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Thread: Alt1-c/pb nice!!!!

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    Alt1-c/pb nice!!!!

    So I decide to look through the Bremont range to keep up to date with the new editions, and to dream a little.
    I stumbled across the ALT1-C/PB.
    Very nice!
    I'm not really a "formal" style watch guy. Very happy with the classic diver and aviator.
    But the C/PB has struck a cord.
    I have always liked the look of a polished case, classic style with brown leather strap. Panerai tick this box........
    I can see this a potential future option.
    I showed my wife this model and said how nice it would look with a different strap and was advised it was perfect as is, and "you need a proper dress watch".
    That's positive.......

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    That was a purchasing authorisation, right there.


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