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Thread: Bremont Magnificent Man magazines - A quick look and some pictures from the mag

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    Bremont Magnificent Man magazines - A quick look and some pictures from the mag

    The new Magnificent Man magazine is being posted out, but for the benefit of people who haven't got their copy yet, or are waiting for the iPad edition - here's a sneak peak at some of the magazine pages...

    Firstly I was surprised at the large format - from a photography / and design point of view this is much more dynamic than say a regular magazine (Almost like going back to LP album design from CDs ) There is 72 pages to the magazine and there's very little advertising - However there are some luxury brands featured - (mostly less well known brands) Surprisingly there's a few watch adverts as well - Hats off to who ever had the job of selling that ad space!!

    Ben Saunders features on the cover of MM#01

    Whilst the magazine is influenced by Bremont, it's not one massive product placement for the brand (Okay there’s one Advert at the beginning of the mag which is deserved!) - The only real feature on their products is the Ronnie Wood B1 clock - But that is more about the man himself rather than the product.

    Contents to the magazine and the largest Bremont advert I've ever seen!

    Article about Ronnie Wood written by Nick English

    I could go to say that I wish there was MORE Bremont product articles! or watch content But I see why they have kept it subtle...

    The only 'real' watch feature is on investment watches (Hint the Iconic EP120 makes an appearance!)

    There are some very interesting articles which are aviation related - Nick English writes about his hero Chuck Yeager ( Rebel pilot who first broke the sound barrier ) and there are other articles about Parajet and The pilot who flies the Sea Fury plane.

    Chuck Yeager article - note the Bremont triangle design reference on the right hand side

    Members of ATG forum will also recognise Jon Suckling who recently travelled across the USA in his ‘Rollin Bones’ Hot Rod - He tells his story of the 5,550 mile journey.

    The design is lovely - some nice tricks with typography - kerning and leading which joins up lines and letters looks great in large format. There's also some small design references to Bremont - Most obvious being the propellor on the title and the use of triangles for introducing the articles.

    Parajet article - Lovely photography and typography

    It's a great read and for once is suitably different from regular Men’s magazines which feature in the Newsagents. Published Bi-monthly it will be interesting to see what the subscription costs will be and what / who they plan on featuring over the coming months.

    Okay I don't want to get into trouble for publishing any more pages on here...

    Congrats to Bremont, the contributors and Bespoke.n media for getting this produced!

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    For those of us in the states does anyone know when the Ipad version will be available...can't wait to read the Chuck Yeager article.

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    IPad Edition of Magnificent Man launched

    Hi Everyone

    The iPad edition of Magnificent Man, the new men's premium paper has launched on the apple newsstand today for free. Click on this link to load

    Version1 has limited interactivity, but a version2 with full interactivity will be live by issue 2/3. Updates will be automatic to your iPad. iPad and online editions are free. If you don't have an iPad, the link will take you to the online version instead

    Please send the link to as many friends as possible, it's free

    For print subscriptions at just £18 per year, email



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