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Thread: Salon QP Gets Scoop On 3 New Releases

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    Salon QP Gets Scoop On 3 New Releases

    Details are beginning to trickle out of the big day that Bremont have planned for February 11th, and it appears that SalonQP have gone live with a few notable releases.

    Check out their scoop, here.

    Which is your favorite?

    I'm very much torn as I love all 3. But the ZT/51 hits the sweet spot for me. Have always loved the P-51, and the ALT1-ZT has been a massive success. To merge the two and give fans a second chance at having a watch with P-51 aesthetic is pretty cool!

    The white MBII is awesome. Would contrast well against my ALT1TUDE SE, or anyone who already has an MB/U2 series watch. Nicely done dial tone. It's called white, but appears to have a hint of silver to it.

    Finally, the ALT1-C/PB is a black beauty! It looks as though it has applied polished steel markers that really jump off the dial for that luxurious and dressy appearance. Pure class, this one! For me, its style is reminiscent of an old Omega DeVille in black.
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    Wow man! Blown away. Love the look of all 3 but leaning towards the ZT/51. The P51 is my favorite of all time and the subtle hints on this one may make it my 2nd favorite.

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    The ZT51 looks superb - my favourite of the three.
    Would still have preferred a yellow dial MB to the White, but guess the white might be more commercial and I'll reserve judgement on the black C/PW until I see it in the flesh in Basel.

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    I'm ambivalent about the white MBII yet, and I much prefer my ALT1-C PW over the PB, but that ZT/51 is killer!
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    White MBII - Not my cup of tea (White dials being historically marine watches).

    But on a side note, has anyone realized they changed the design of the barrel? if you look at where the crowns meet the barrel, a larger section has been tapered. Looking at mine, the knurling goes all the way.

    The PB, awesome addition as I love the PW and now I have a choice to make.

    I like the ZT/51 (Love the ZT/BK) while I think looks like an awesome piece, it's lost that "seriousness" and...hmm...starting to feel a little Bell & Rossy.

    Don't get me wrong though I would love to wear one but I would be 50/50 between the 51 and the BK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vig2000 View Post
    I don't know how I feel about the white MBII yet, and I much prefer my ALT1-C PW over the PB, but that ZT/51 is killer!
    Spot on. My thoughts exactly!

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    Tough call. The 51, as has been said by all, is gorgeous. For a daily wear watch it's perfect and wound probably be my choice. For dressier events, it's a tough call between the black and white Cs... And I didn't think I'd like the MBII in white when I read about it, but the pics are very nice. Well done, Bremont.
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    Wow. Lovely additions to the range. Love them all actually. Love that ZT/51 stunning colours and something a little different in the range. White MB11 is great - would still choose black I suspect so won't be swapping mine out to fast. Do love that polished black - just stunning. Got the white but I think I'd have been torn between that and the black now if I was buying again. Nice work guys.
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    A fantastic scoop for certain! Am I the only one who prefers the look of the original ZT to the 51 - for me the new watch looks a little 'busy'?? I too like the white MB11 but not enough to buy one myself while the PB does little for me, already have a dress watch which no doubt accounts for my lack of interest.


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    Speaking of new watches...I for one would love a watch just like the polished AC1 without the Oracle designation with a plain white dial with no date so all applied Arabic indices can be fully intact. I have been looking for a simple dress watch and that would be perfect.....In fact remove the seconds hand make a purest 2 hand piece.

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