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    MB Winding

    Hi All,

    New to the forum and just waiting for my MB1 to arrive, time does pass slowly!

    I notice the figure of 650 TPD banded about for the daily automatic winding, and now for the stupid question, what is a 'turn'. Is it a flick of the wrist, a forward rearward arm movement or what, or does it only apply to automatic watch winding boxes!

    Also, I know the mechanism has a clutch thingy to prevent manual over winding but what is your daily routine? Do you always give it a few turns every day, if so how many turns, and do you turn the crown both ways, I understand the mechanism is bi-directional, or do you just turn it one way?

    Sorry for the basic questions and it will probably tell me in the users manual when I get it, but just browsing and couldn't find the answer.


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    Hey TVM, and welcome to the forum! Great to have another (soon to be) MBI owner around here!

    So when you get the watch, simply turn the crown about 30-40 times. That will get the movement started and wound fairly well. From there, as long as you're wearing it, your movement will keep it wound with about a 2 day power reserve.

    The numbers you referenced are more so for watch winders, which are small boxes that spin at a certain number of rotations per day, and can keep your watch wound if you are not wearing it.

    Getting back to your MBI, could you share with us how you came to qualify for your MBI? We'd love to hear!

    Ps-moving this thread from "technical" to the main "public chat" area of the forum.


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    Hello Swill, welcome to the forum! I can't add anything to what Jeremy said above, except to second the request to hear about your ejection. As a driver of airborne craft myself (non-military!) I'm always keen to hear other aviators stories!

    Blue Skies,

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    One thing to add Swill, I don't believe the winding mechanism is bi-directional. So if you wind via the crown turn it forward, or clockwise as you look at the case through the crown.

    I swap watches often so I'm usually setting a watch a few times a week (I don't use winders). My technique for my automatics is to put on the unwound watch as I'm getting ready for work. After about 30 minutes and usually at some point on the drive in to the office I check to see that it's running. If it is then set the watch and all is good. Every once in a while a watch hasn't picked up enough of a wind when I go to set it so only then will I give a few turns to the crown before setting.

    If you plan to wear your watch regularly, like at least every other day, then you shouldn't have to give it any extra winds as the rotor will do all of the work for you.

    Enjoy your fine MBI!

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