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Thread: MB1 for sale!

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    MB1 for sale!

    Guys, this may be as good as it gets for an MB1! Im not attached to the sale at all, but stumbled on this from a very reputable site today, and wanted to share.

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    Down to earth with a bump!
    We've argued before here and on other forums about these hitting the open market, and whilst I think it is a shame that they do go up for sale perhaps the ejectees life circumstances are changed by the event and the money therefore is more essential than the watch.
    What is a pity is that this particular precious watch has been devalued so much.

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    Buy it and put it in a safe place. Wear it and you are a douche.

    Though I fly through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil because the RF-4C is one fast son of a b........

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    Well, well, well. $10k for an MB1. Still too high, and I always wonder why these come up for sale. A hardship story or a quick cash in? Interesting.

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    I think its probably a lot more of the "QUICK CASH IN" crew that end up selling these. I have an MB1 that was given to me by my dad and Id never get rid of it. I know of a situation where one pilot had a friend who ejected, so he gave him the money to buy the watch and then they sold it to watchfinder for 8k and they split the profits. the watch was never even unboxed.

    If you where a pilot who ejected but didn't really care about watches and some one said l give you 4k to send an email, a lot of people would probably do it. Its a shame but just human nature. I also think there is an assumption that most pilots make good money but Martin Baker sell ejection sits to a lot of countries where selling a watch for 8k+ is a no brainer and who cares about violating the whole spirit of the watch.

    I also have another of my dads military watches and I'm more than happy to wear it along with the MB1 because there my dads but I would feel a bit of a hack if I had paid for them and had no link to the original owner.

    I think valuing the special projects watches (MB1 included) is impossible. To some people the chinook military watch is the coolest thing in the world but to others you've just ruined an alt1b by putting a helicopter on the dial. I also laugh when people try to sell them for a mark up being "rare" & "limited". Bremont make so many military watches its mad. There are tons of alt1b mil watches out there, typhoons, b2, apaches and so many more, there's nothing rare or limited about them. I saw one on ebay that was marked as a rare alt1b and all it had was the word George engraved on the back! They guy wanted over 4k for an alt1 b with some ones name on the back... madness!

    I also think at some point the half price discount for military watches will stop as there is so much profit loss ( ironically the MB1 is the cheapest watch Bremont sell when taking into account mil & Martin Baker discount). Half price unique squadron watches are a great way to get the watch into the hands of lots of pilots and build that idea of the Bremont being the ultimate pilot watch selected by pilots the world over. Unfortunately the reality is much different, loads of military guys have Bremonts because Bremont subsidize the military watches with profits from there core range making the watches really cheap for the military. Its a lot easier to get a squadron wearing a load of watches when they cost 1800 instead of 4k+. Also by making the watches unique to the squadron they can break the client base into a small group of people who want the watch so they are part of something and can also rely on a bit of peer pressure from the fellow pilots to buy the watch in order to make sure the project goes ahead with the minimum orders. This gives the pilots further incentive to part with the 1800 or so. A lot of thought has gone into getting these watches into pilots hands. There are also a lot of people with military Bremonts who would never dream of buying a full price core Bremont.

    So unfortunately there is nothing special about these "special" watches, its just clever marketing playing the long game to establish itself as one of the premier pilot watches. In 10 years or so I would be very surprised to see the military watches having the 50% discount once the brand is truly established. So next time you see some chap online selling his squadron mb3 for 4k+ just now he has only paid 1800 for it... and if you've bought a core Bremont model you've already given him a good few hundred quid towards it

    Disclaimer: I'm a huge Bremont fan who currently has 6 Bremonts, having had 13 in the last year and I still love the brand but have seen behind the curtain and know how all the tricks work.
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