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Thread: UK TOP GEAR - Spitfire challenge

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    UK TOP GEAR - Spitfire challenge

    This is an old clip (From 2009 I think) of the 3 Top Gear Presenters riding in 3 spitfires over the UK.

    Of course the clip wouldn't be complete without someone wearing a Bremont though! (Jeremy Clarkson)

    Can't see the video above?

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    I saw the episode here in the US

    ...but they only aired the segment when the boys showed up in Spits to take on the German team. They did not show this bit at all, IIRC. Shame, too, because that looked great! Jeremy has some nice watches.
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    Matt, agree with you on Clarksons watches.. Ive always liked his Omega Railmaster... Hats off to him for his Bremont though


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