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Thread: Alt 1C An and Boeing 247

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    Alt 1C An and Boeing 247

    Hi there and greetings, this is my first post so please be gentle

    I've recently joined the Brotherhood and bought a used Alt 1C-an and it's a lovely thing for sure but now I'm hankering after a Boeing 247. They seem quite rare judging by the very few that are for sale, so can someone confirm when they were launched and what the main technical differences are between the two watches? Are the movements the same?

    If anyone is thinking of selling theirs, get in touch and equally, I may be shifting my Alt 1C on.

    Located in West Sussex, UK


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    Mike, welcome to the forum!

    The 247 was launched at Basel in 2014, as part of the launch of their collaboration with Boeing. The main difference over the ALT1-C is the case material, which is the Boeing custom 465 Stainless Steel. Apart from that, it is the same as the ALT1-C.
    However, the Boeing range of watches were updated this year, with the edition of the 247 Ti-GMT. It is the same as the 'standard' 247, but with a titanium case and added GMT hand. Maybe take a look at that one, too?

    Best of luck with the sale of your ALT1-C.


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    Excellent, thankyou J!

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    Well the Alt1-c is now sold and I'm interested in the Boeing Ti for sure but keep reading about how tall it is. I'm not a big guy and have fairly small wrists, so this might not be the watch for me after all. I guess I need to try one on first.

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    Definitely try it on mate, I have tried one and it looks far too big - I think its because all of the outside is straight, right up to the top of the bezel, so it emphasise not only the width but the height. Also, where the internal, angled bezel normally sits, that is also a straight fall on this watch, again emphasising height.
    I think in physical terms it isn't any taller than ALT C but because of the above it just looks it!!

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    Thanks, just what I was concerned about, Like you say, I need to try it on before I buy.

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    Just received my Boeing Ti. It looks high , but didn't wear that high. Love it.

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