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Thread: MBII Orange 'Prototype' strap

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    MBII Orange 'Prototype' strap

    Since we have seen an MBII green strap, I thought it was only right to try and get a bright orange strap made... Well I managed to get this one produced, which is not a 100% official Bremont strap, but it's about 99% there.

    Sadly I couldn't source the correct material, so the strap does look slightly different....however the orange does look fantastic and the black bits really help to tone it down a little bit....

    This strap isn't in production and can't be bought, but I would assume if enough people are interested we could possibly get Bremont to produce a small range.... Here's some random photos...


    What do you reckon?

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    love it!!!!

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    Very nice, is that a GASGASBones by chance?


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    Love the orange!

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    nice combo !

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    Very nice. This shows how versatile the MBII is.

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    Yes, Fish, I believe this to be a GGB prototype!!

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    Let me know if you need someone to fieldtest that baby in the harsh swedish winters for you dude

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    Has Carl Evans aka GasGasBones got any plans at putting the orange canvas strap into production? I would love to get my hands one for myself.

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    Seeing he is on this forum too i am sure he will answer your question himself.

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