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Thread: Salon QP 2015

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    Thanks David, so far so good (I now need to work on securing another Bremont to hand down as well!)
    In the true spirit of Bremont, of course, Rich!

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    Here are a few pictures of Bremont from Salon QP, for those who didn't go. I'd love to see any others anyone have from their visit(s).

    My #womw for the day - MBII/TWG.

    A bonnet on loan from Jaguar for the event - it will be available to see in the Mayfair boutique up until Christmas, by kind permission of JLR.

    Two display cases highlighting and showcasing the Silverstone manufacturing facility, and the work they do. Below can be seen the various stages of the making of the polished case, as seen on the ALT1-C/PW. It's obviously hard to get a high shine, thus the case is not hardened like the rest of the range. The hand polished finished is rather incredible, and I am told takes great skill to create!

    In this case are the movement main plates (the gold coloured 'sheet'), that are now being made in Silverstone - representing a big step forward in watchmaking for Bremont. Below that can be seen a section of the steel bar that the cases are milled out of, and the various parts of the case after being made before being hardened.

    Bremont were showing a video on an iPad next to this display case, showing how the cases are actually made by the machine, and then the way that a special measuring tool checks the exact depth of all the screw holes, indents, and even the Bremont engraved logo on the caseback. Rather incredible. I shall try and get a copy of the video for those who haven't seen it - it is definitely worth a watch (or 5!)

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